Photos from The Marquesas

Posted by John

The island of Nuku Hiva. Our first view of land after 33 days. It’s a little blurry, but so were we.
Outside Kevin’s Yacht Services. Kevin can help with anything that might be needed, from formal check-in to tattoos.
Free Wi-Fi under this awning for the price of a cold drink or, better yet, lunch.
View of the boats in the bay from the Taiohae waterfront.
Another colorful view.
One picture is worth a thousand words. The maintenance guys had all the latest required safety equipment—and a horse.
Supply ship/passenger ferry, as well as a couple boats from the Oyster Yacht World Rally. Plenty of room for supply ship and visiting boats at Nuku Hiva, not so much at Ua Pou and Hiva Oa.
This is the sailing vessel Shakedown, from Useless Bay, WA. They left from Banderas Bay, Mexico but had mechanical problems, including engine failure. Their crossing took 49 days. The small yellow flag just below the first spreader arm indicates that they have not yet formally checked-in to the country.
Once checked-in, the protocol is to fly the French flag above the French Polynesian flag. We also added the Marquesas flag just for fun.
From Nuku Hiva we crossed to Ua Pou. As we got closer, the mountains seen in the distance became rock spires.
Mysticeti at Ua Pou.
Robyn’s nice evening view of the spires.
To buy bread you usually need to be out very early. It also helps if you know where the store or bakery is. We spent a lot of time looking.
We finally found a store. It’s off the street, and has no sign. It also had no bread.
From Ua Pou we made our way to this bay on Tahuata. We got there late at night.
Julie scraping barnacles off the hull.
Diving off the boat into warm water is something we can’t do at home.